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Introducing Sugar Groove,


a new label created by Ruben "Swift" Vidal of DJN Project to focus on his own new projects and soulful productions. After finding fantastic success with Newav Media, which worked with renowned artists such as Kenny Bobien, Arnold Jarvis, Stephanie Cooke, and Eman, Swift has opened the next chapter with Sugar Groove.

Swift has an impressive background in the music industry working with top level acts like Jay-Z, Eminem, and Busta Rhymes on engineering and marketing, and even touring with Justin Timberlake for a spell. But it was a magical night at NYC's beloved Club Shelter that changed things up for Swift, allowing him to experience and fall in love with the sound, people, and culture of soulful house music.

Sugar Groove is undoubtedly an expression of this feeling.

Sugar Groove aims to branch out, touching on varied forms and styles in dance music while still maintaining the 'soul.' Already a debut release from acclaimed singer Kenny Bobien is ready to roll, with other great releases soon to follow. Sugar Groove and Swift are on the look-out for artists to work with for future releases and are actively seeking music and demos to consider. With these big plans and worldwide distribution through The Orchard, Sugar Groove is sure to be a potent player on the soulful scene.

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